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  • Core Concept: Probing the phytobiome to advance agriculture
    To optimize crop productivity may require the simultaneous study of not only plants, but the environment they inhabit, and their surrounding community of organisms. Image courtesy of Nick Sloff (Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA).

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  • News Feature: Putting fossils to work in hopes of restoration
    Paleo detective work is at the core of an emerging field called conservation paleobiology. Its researchers hope to stem the loss of species and ecosystems in a rapidly changing world. Image courtesy of Karl Flessa (University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ) and reproduced from ref. 6.

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  • Marine reserves and climate change
    In a Perspective, researchers suggest that supplementing greenhouse gas emission reduction goals with the development of well-managed marine reserves may be a practical and cost-effective strategy to mitigate climate change effects.
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