Supplementary material for Murray et al. (August 7, 2001) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 10.1073/pnas.171178898

Supplemental Figure 4

Fig. 4. Two-dimensional hierarchical clustering of the complete DNA/DNA hybridization data set. Pearson correlation coefficient and complete linkage analysis were used to cluster the log normalized ratios test reference-1). Black represents log ratios near 0, bright green represents ratios approaching 1.5, and dark red represents ratios approaching 0.30. Gray squares represent missing or insufficient data. Means of duplicate experiments are shown. Each column shows the ratios for test bacterial strains, from left to right, as follows: (1) E. coli, (2) S. woodyi, (3) isolate PV4, (4) S. oneidensis MR-4, (5) S. putrefaciens strain 95, (6) isolate W3 18-1, (7) Shewanella sp. strain 184, (8) S. baltica, (9) Shewanella sp. CL256/73, (10) S. oneidensis, DLM7, and (11) S. oneidensis MR-1.