Supporting Figure 6

Fig. 6. Tissue survey for transgene expression in MMTV/TβRI(AAD) and MMTV/TβRII(ΔCyt) animals. RNase protection analyses using TβRI (Left) or TβRII (Right) antisense riboprobes were performed on total RNA derived from various tissues in female (Upper) and male (Lower) animals from either transgenic strain. tRNA in the hybridization reaction served as the negative control. Mam.Gl., mammary gland; Sal. Gl., salivary gland. A mouse-specific β-actin antisense riboprobe was included to control for the amount of RNA in each hybridization reaction. Undig. Riboprobes refers to the full-length riboprobes that have not been subjected to RNase digestion. Sizes (in nt) of DNA markers are indicated to the left.