Supporting Figure 3

Fig. 3. Fitting of our model to the response data for all the mutant strains reported in the experiments by Sourjik and Berg (1). The horizontal axis is the MeAsp concentration. The lines are the results of our model with the parameters given in Table 3. The symbols are the experimental data rescaled to its absolute value according to the activity at [L] = 0 provided in ref. 7. For the cheRcheB mutants, the Tsr receptors are in m = 2 methylation state and Tar receptors are in m = 0 (open triangle), m = 1 (open diamond), m = 2 (open square), or m = 3 (open inverted triangle) methylation states, respectively. The cheR(×10) and cheB mutants are represented by (solid inverted triangle) and (open circle).