Supporting Figure 3

Fig. 3. Relationship between the expected number (N) of V1R ORFs left in a genome and the time (T) since pseudogenization started. The relationship is given by (see Materials and Methods), where N0 is the number of V1R genes in the genome before pseudogenization, and t1/2 is the half-life of a V1R gene under no functional constraints. Eight different values of t1/2 are considered, whereas t1/2 = 4.9 million years (MY) is our best estimate and is the one used in the main text. The actual number of ORFs left in humans today is N = 5, which is indicated by a horizontal dotted line. N0 is assumed to be 140 here. A different N0 will proportionally rescale the y axis. The upper and lower limits of the time since pseudogenization started are 35 and 23 MY, as indicated by two vertical dotted lines.