Table 1.

Multivariable analysis on determinants of modular organization (Qrel) across groups of different species

Explanatory variableEffect size95% confidence intervals
Intercept0.420.59 to0.25
Network size−0.07−0.17 to 0.03
Network fragmentation*0.660.51 to 0.82
Subgroup cohesion*1.141.03 to 1.25
Subgroup cohesion variation−0.03−0.14 to 0.08
Subgroup size average
Subgroup size variation*0.130.26 to0.01
Individual degree average
Individual degree variation0.070.04 to 0.18
Subgroup degree variation0.01−0.08 to 0.10
Random effectsVariance estimate (σ2)
Taxonomic order0.066
  • Asterisks and bold text indicate significance. Explanatory variables with VIF > 5 were dropped from the model, and therefore their effect sizes were not estimated.