Table S1.

Data sources and time periods

EventPeriodSourceFraction of global grid with observationsFraction of global area with observationsFraction of observational area with GCM-Obs A-D P > 0.05Fraction of observational area with GCM-Obs K-S P > 0.05LENS runsLENS period for trendsLENS period for return interval ratiosLENS Historical yearsLENS Pre-Industrial years
Peak summer monthly temperature1931–2016NCDC (49)0.450.560.710.84291920–20051980–20057541,100
Hottest day of the year1961–2010HadEx2 (51)–20051980–20057541,100
Annual precipitation1901–2010GPCC (50)0.320.350.550.69291920–20051980–20057541,100
Wettest 5-d period of the year1961–2010HadEx2 (51)–20051980–20057541,100
2013 Boulder, CO, Sept 5-d precipitable water1948–2013NCEP/NCAR R-1 (53)291920–20051980–20057541,799
2010 Russia Jun−Aug anticylonic pattern1979–2014NCEP/NCAR R-1 (53)291979–20141979–20141,044938
2012 Arctic Septemb sea ice1979–2015NSIDC (52)341979–20151980–20058841,100