Table 1.

Demographic and descriptive data

Intervention groupAgeGradeNo. of training sessionsTraining performance first two sessionsTraining performance last two sessionsSPM preSPM postSPM FUTONI preTONI postTONI FU
Active control groupMean8.833.6319.4059.1058.8015.3316.2016.5920.8722.5024.81
N-back groupMean9.123.7219.092.172.9315.4416.9416.5220.4122.0324.07
Large training gain (n-back)Mean9.003.7519.192.043.3014.0617.1915.6718.5021.5624.67
Small training gain (n-back)Mean9.253.6919.002.302.5516.8116.6917.4322.3122.5023.43

Note: n = 62 (experimental group: n = 32, 14 girls; large training gain: n = 16, 7 girls; small training gain: n = 16; 7 girls; active control group: n = 30, 15 girls). There were no significant group differences on any of the pretest measures or the demographic variables. Training performance in the experimental group is given as mean n-back level; training performance in the active control group is given as percent correct responses. FU, follow-up test.