Table 1.

Perfect model tests for data measurable from space

Data typeρσρ
Total outgoing long-wave radiation0.670.130.270.75
Radiance at 995 cm-10.670.130.230.44
Dry pressure at 5.5 km0.640.140.220.42
Radiance at 1,600 cm-10.600.160.180.34
Radiance at 560 cm-10.550.170.150.35
Reflected solar radiation−0.470.190.130.32
Radiance at 500 cm-10.440.200.090.30

A 50-y projection is modified by 20-y data. ρ is the correlation coefficient between the 20-y trend of the variable and the 50-y trend in surface temperature. σρ is the standard deviation of ρ,

. Listed in order of decreasing |ρ|.

The dry pressure at 5.5 km is a surrogate for a GPS occultation measurement.