Table 3

E. coli conserved genes expressed in vivo identified by SCOTS

Functional group and locusGene (% identity: E. coli K-12 MG1655)FunctionTissue*
ecs-45aceF (96)Pyruvate dehydrogenase  componentP
Acetate requirement
 ecs-46 folP* (90)Dihydopteroate synthaseA, P
 ecs-47 folP* (96)Folic acid, vitamin auxotroph
 ecs-48 alaS (97)Alanyl-tRNA synthetaseP
 ecs-49 purA* (97)Adenylosuccinate synthetase  required for nucleic  acid synthesisA
 ecs-50 pyrG* (97)CTP synthetase; cytidine  auxotrophA
 ecs-51 pyrG* (100)
 ecs-52 kdsA (93)KDO synthesis, LPS structureA
 ecs-53 thrA (97)Amino acid synthesisA
 ecs-54 napC-ccmA (100)Cytochrome c maturationP
 ecs-55 eno* (97)EnolaseA
Cell growth
 ecs-56 ecfE (yaeL) (95)σH and σE specific proteaseA
 ecs-57 yhhP (sirA) (92)Normal cell growth, σs stabilityA
 ecs-58 ftsI (100)Cell divisionP
 ecs-59 ftsN (97)Cell divisionA
Regulation and   response
 ecs-60 phoB (92)Phosphate response regulatorP
 ecs-61 topA (99)DNA topoisomerase IA
 ecs-62 uspB (98)Stringent response, ethanol  resistanceA
Unknown/   putative
 ecs-63 ydgD (95)Putative proteaseP
 ecs-64 yeaN (99)Putative transporterA
 ecs-65 yfiO (98)Putative lipoproteinA
 ecs-66 ynfK (98)Putative dethiobiotin synthaseA
  • Details regarding these E. coli genes are published as supporting information on the PNAS web site. KDO, 3-deoxy-d-manno-octulosonic acid. 

  • * Clone derived from RNA isolated in air sacs (A) or pericardium (P). 

  • Asterisks indicate genes in which null mutations result in auxotrophies in E. coli K-12. See ref. 31 and supporting information on the PNAS web site for details. 

  • Genes (indicated in bold type) are essential for normal cell growth and viability.