Table 1. Coincidence of genes encoding calcineurin subunits and calcineurin-interacting proteins with locations of previously identified putative schizophrenia susceptibility loci
Gene name Protein description Gene location Susceptibility loci Refs.
Calcineurin subunits
    PPP3R1 Calcineurin B subunit 2p14 2p13-14 17,21,22
    PPP3CA Calcineurin A α subunit 4q24 4q22-26 16,17,23,24
    PPP3CC Calcineurin A γ subunit 8p21.3 8p21-22 13-17
    PPP3CB Calcineurin A β subunit 10q22.3 10q22-3 25
Calcineurin binding proteins
    CABIN (=CAIN) Calcineurin binding protein 1 22q11.23 22q11 2,3
    CHP Calcium binding protein P22 15q15.1 15q15 26
    CS-1 (=MYOZZ) Calcineurin binding protein calsarcin 1 4q26 4q25-26 16,17,23,24
    CS-2 (=MYOZ1) Calcineurin binding protein calsarcin 2 10q22.2 10q22-3 25
    CS-3 (=MYOZ3) Calcineurin binding protein calsarcin 3 5q33.1 5q33.2 16
    AKAP5 (=AKAP79) A kinase (PRKA) anchor protein 5 14q23.3 14q22-24 25,27,28
    FKBP5 (=FKBP51) FK506 binding protein 5 6p21.31 6p21.3; 6p22-24 29-31
Proteins functionally coupled to calcineurin
    ITPR1 Inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate receptor, Type 1 (IP3 receptor 1) 3p26.1 3p24-26 13
    RYR3 Ryanodine receptor type 3 15q13.3-15q14 15q14 3,32
    ILF2 (=NF45) Subunit of nuclear factor of activated T cells (NFAT) 1q21.3 1q21.3 33
    CAMLG Calcium modulating ligand 5q31.1 5q23.3-31.1 17,34-36
    NFATC2 Nuclear factor of activated T cells, cytoplasmic, calcineurin-dependent 2 20q13.2 20q13 32
  • Gene locations are according to the November 2002 human draft sequence