Table 1. Strains and plasmids used in this work
Strain/plasmid* Relevant genotype or features
FED126 (10) araD139 (araABC-leu)7679 galU galK Δ(lac)×74 rpsL thi ΔdsbD
FED513 (10) FED126 trxB::Kanr
pFK060 (10) pBAD18 with MalF'-β-c-Myc
pFK072 pBAD18 with MalF'-βC163A-c-Myc
pFK073 pBAD18 with MalF'-βC285A-c-Myc
pFK091 (10) pBAD33 with αC109A-His6
pFK093 (10) pBAD18 with DsbD
pFK253 pBAD18 with MalF'-βC163/285A-c-Myc
pFK269 pBAD18 with αβ-c-MycC103/109A
pFK270 pBAD18 with αβ-c-MycC103/109/163A
pFK271 pBAD18 with αβ-c-MycC103/109/285A
pFK272 pBAD18 with αβ-c-MycC103/109/163/285A
pFK277 pBAD18 with DsbDC103/109/461/464A with thrombin site
  • * Except where indicated (10), the source of the strain or plasmid is the present work.