Table 1

Selected proteins differentially expressed in P. aeruginosa during growth in low magnesium

Gene no.Proteinnu-ICATFold abundanceSD
Conserved magnesium stress response
 1179Two-component response regulator PhoP6110.340.96
 3552Conserved hypothetical protein, PmrH homologue712.840.25
 3553Probable glycosyl transferase, PmrF homologue112.33na
 3554Conserved hypothetical protein, PmrI homologue3476.091.16
 4635Conserved hypothetical protein, MgtC homologue1313.990.56
 4825Magnesium transport ATPase MgtA8535.801.75
Quorum sensing and adaptation
 0934GTP pyrophosphokinase RelA211.530.00
 0996Probable coenzyme A ligase111.57na
 0997Hypothetical protein1621.570.26
 0998Hypothetical protein622.040.24
 09993-Oxoacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] synthase III FabH1411.630.14
 1432Autoinducer synthesis protein LasI213.100.05
Secreted factors
 3478Rhamnosyltransferase chain B RhlB41−1.570.15
 1899 or 4210*Probable phenazine biosynthesis protein PhzA22−2.690.00
 1900Probable phenazine biosynthesis protein PhzB82−1.700.10
 1903 or 4214*Phenazine biosynthesis protein PhzE11−2.70na
 1904 or 4215*Probable phenazine biosynthesis protein PhzF21−1.850.01
 4211Probable phenazine biosynthesis protein PhzB21−1.930.07
 4224Hypothetical protein PchG212−5.230.25
 4225Pyochelin synthetase PchE43−1.970.14
 4226Dihydroaeruginoic acid synthetase PchE153−4.230.19
 4228Pyochelin biosynthesis protein PchD305−4.070.19
 4230Salicylate biosynthesis protein PchB172−4.420.36
 4231Salicylate biosynthesis isochorismate synthase PchA11−2.21na
  • n, number of independent identifications and quantification events for each protein; u-ICAT, number of unique peptide sequences; fold abundance, average ratios of all quantified peptides for each protein representing fold increase in protein abundance during growth of P. aeruginosa in 8 μM Mg2+; na, not applicable. Positive values represent increased relative abundance on growth in low magnesium; negative values represent decreased relative abundance. 

  • * Identified peptides are identical in both proteins.