Table 2

Quantitative analysis of PPIs in the wortmannin- responsive subnetwork

PPI dataset DIP (05/05/2002) + YPD (05/30/2002)
Total number of PPIs All (20,151) W (591) YPPI
Functional categories#%#%
Lipid metabolism (253)8994.46396.601.5
DNA replication and repair (191)2,10510.412521.22.0
Protein synthesis (359)1,9479.6610217.21.8
Protein degradation (166)1,7928.8916227.43.1
Mitochondrial (366)1,7198.510617.92.1
Chromatin remodeling and general transcription (188)2,63213.115626.42.0
Metabolism (1,066)4,84824.023239.21.6
Unknown (2,601)6,54132.418030.40.9
  • Bioinformatic analyses of the wortmannin-sensitive cellular network. PPIs in the wortmannin list compared to those in the proteomic PPI databases as determined by an in silico screen.