Table S9.

Results from ABC-RF model choice among scenarios with and without secondary introgression (scenario 1d-i vs. 1d-n) under both scenarios of constant ancestral Ne and a demographic expansion in the ancestral population

Demographic parametersChoice 1d-iChoice 1d-i-ePosterior probabilityPrior error
Ancestral Ne
 Expansion10/100.611 ± 0.0260.261 ± 0.0014
 Constant Ne10/100.542 ± 0.0230.258 ± 0.0010
Time of expansion
 10,000–50,000 generations ago10/100.993 ± 0.0050.191 ± 0.0010
  • Below, results from the final ABC-RF model choice comparing scenarios with and without demographic expansion in the ancestral population.