Table 3

Growth promotion of S. enterica serotype Stanleyville strains by salmochelin

S. enterica serotype Stanleyville strainRelevant mutationGrowth zone diameter, mm
 WR1361 cir 21
 WR1359 iroN 18
 WR1366 iroN fepA (17)
 WR1367 cir fepA 20
 WR1363 iroN cir 0
 WR1368 iroN cir fepA 0
  • Nutrient broth plates containing dipyridyl to limit available iron were seeded with the indicated strains suspended in 2.5 ml of soft agar in water. Filter-paper discs impregnated with 15 μl of deferri-salmochelin solution (≈1 mg/ml) were applied, and growth zones were measured after 18 h. Numbers in bold indicate good growth; normal numbers and numbers in parentheses indicate poor and very poor growth, respectively.