Table 1

Engraftment of human breast cancers into NOD/SCID mice

TumorOriginFormation in micePassage in miceDiagnosis
T1MetastasisYesYesInfiltrating ductal carcinoma
T2Breast primaryYesYesAdenocarcinoma
T3MetastasisYesYesInvasive lobular carcinoma
T4MetastasisYesNoInvasive lobular carcinoma
T5MetastasisYesYesInvasive lobular carcinoma
T6MetastasisYesYesInflammatory breast carcinoma
T7MetastasisYesYesInvasive lobular carcinoma
T8MetastasisYesYesInflammatory breast carcinoma
  • Mice were injected with unsorted T1 and T3 cells and a 2-mm piece of T2. Cells from T4–T9 were isolated by flow cytometry as described in Fig. 1. All nine tumors tested engrafted in our NOD/SCID mouse model. Except for T2, which was a primary breast tumor, all other tumors were metastases. All of the tumors were passaged serially in mice except for T4.