Table 1

cDNA-SSCP analysis of homoeolog expression in ovules

GenePutative function/function
One homoeolog silenced
adhEAlcohol dehydrogenase EAt only
Strongly biased expression  (85/15% and greater)
adhDAlcohol dehydrogenase DAt > Dt
 G8Flavonoid 3′ hydroxylaseDt > At
 B5Oxalate oxidaseAt > Dt
adhAAlcohol dehydrogenase ADt > At
Biased expression  (60/40% to 84/26%)
 D5Sugar transporterAt > Dt
 D7Root hair defective 3 homologAt > Dt
 E6Potassium transport proteinDt > At
 H12Auxin-alanine hydrolaseAt > Dt
 A1520UnknownDt > At
Equivalent expression  50/50 to 59/41%
 A1751Subtilisin-like protease
 B2Kinesin heavy chain
 B8CAAX-prenyl protease
 C1Vacuolar ATP synthase
 C7Pollen allergen-like protein
 CesA2Cellulose synthase
 D1LIM-domain transcription factor
 E1Flavonoid 3′,5′-hydroxylase
 E5Pollen surface protein
 E9Protein phosphatase
 E11β-d-glucan exohydrolase
 F4Ethylene receptor
 F10Xyloglucan endotransglycosylase
 F12COP-1 interacting protein
 G3Quinone oxidoreductase
 G6CCAAT-binding transcription factor
 G7Dehydration-responsive protein
 G11Sulfate transporter
 H5Gibberellin-regulated protein
 H6Auxin repressed protein
myb1myb R2R3 transcription factor 1
myb2myb R2R3 transcription factor 2
myb3myb R2R3 transcription factor 3
Rac13GTP-binding protein
  • GenBank numbers are provided in Table 5, which is published as supporting information on the PNAS web site.