Table S1.

Change of total NIH budget

Budget itemAmount in BRDPI million $Percent of total NIH budget
Ave, 1996Ave, 2013Ratio, %Ave, 1996Ave, 2013Ratio, %
Total training737763103.53.52.571.3
Intramural research2,3873,422143.411.311.198.9
R and D contracts1,4503,015207.96.89.8143.4
Centers and other research2,9504,760161.413.915.5111.2
Total non-R01 RPG3,3475,843174.615.819120.4
Total R01 grants8,97810,622118.342.434.681.6
All items21,19030,737145.1100100100
  • The 3-y average of NIH budget items change from 1996 (average 1995–1997) to 2013 (average 2012–2014). Values and percentage ratios are given for the amount in BRDPI-corrected million dollars and as a percentage of the total NIH budget. As a percentage of total, four items, R and D contracts, centers and other research, administration, and non-R01 RPG grants, increased by 43%, 11%, 19%, and 20%, respectively. Two other items, R01 grants and training, decreased by 18% and 29%, respectively.