Table 2. Peak power and coherence values for monkey LU
Electrode site
Peak f, Hz Peak f, Hz lag, ms Peak f, Hz lag, ms Peak f, Hz lag, ms
1 2.32 23 0.115 21 −4 0.300 29 −1 0.026 20 −20
2 5.48 21 0.260 20 3 0.052 20 −21
3 3.69 22 0.124 17 26
4 4.09 18
  • Electrode site numbers correspond to the numbered locations in Fig. 2. The primary motor site is numbered 1, and the postcentral sites are numbered 2, 3, and 4. The two columns under Power show the power (normalized by the mean power) of the largest power spectral peak and its frequency in Hz. In the columns under Coherence are shown the peak coherence value, peak frequency in Hz, and phase difference converted to time lag in milliseconds for each pair of sites. Values are shown only for coherence spectra determined to be significant by the permutation procedure described in Methods.—, a redundant pairing or the pairing of a site within itself, because coherence is a pairwise measure between different sites. A positive number for the time lag indicates that the electrode site at the left leads the site at the top, and a negative number indicates that it lags.