Table 1. H99 deficiency suppresses apoptosis of nos pole cells
Embryos examined* No. of pole cells observed No. of pole cells with TUNEL signal (%) Significance
nos 380 75 (19.7)
nos-H99 524 0 (0) P < 0.0001
  • * Stage 13 embryos derived from nosBN/nosBN females mated with WT males (nos) and nosBN Df(3L)H99/nosBN females mated with Df(3L)H99/TM3 males (nos-H99) were double-stained with an anti-Vas antibody and TUNEL labeling. Because the lack of H99 results in repression of apoptosis in somatic tissues (19), the embryos without TUNEL signal in the somatic region, such as gnathal segments and the dorsal folds, were judged to be homozygous for Df(3L)H99.

  • Significance was calculated by using Fisher's exact probability test.