Table 1. Phages used in this study and their photosynthesis-related genes
Phage Family Host strains infected Gene products
P-SSP7 Podovirus Pro MED4 (HL) D1 and one HLIP
P-SSM2 Myovirus Pro NATL1A, NATL2A, and MIT9211 (LL) D1, six HLIPs, ferredoxin, and plastocyanin
P-SSM4 Myovirus Pro NATL1A, NATL2A (LL), Pro MED4, and MIT9215 (HL) D1, D2, and four HLIPs
S-PM2* Myovirus Syn WH7803 and WH8109 D1 and D2
  • Phage family and host-range information is per ref. 15. Boldface indicates the host on which the phage was isolated.

  • * From Mann et al. (12).