Table 2. Somatic mutations in the TK domain of EGFR are common in surgically resected NSCLCs derived from never smokers but infrequent in former or current smokers
Specimen Sex Smoking Histology Mutation
3 F Never AWBF L858R
16 F Never BWFI None
20 F Never BWFI None
24 M Never AWBF L858R
25 F Never AWBF L858R
33 F Never AWBF None
42 M Never AWBF L858R
77 F Never AWBF H835L
82 F Never AWBF None
120 F Never AWBF None
124 F Never AWBF None
166 F Never AWBF L858R
169 F Never AWBF None
176 F Never ADENO None
230 M Never ADENO E746-A750
5 F Former ADENO L858R
65 M Former AWBF L858R
98 F Former AWBF L858R
134 M Former ADENO L858R
  • Exons 2-28 from EGFR were examined for mutations in 96 surgically resected NSCLCs. Mutations in the TK domain were detected in 7 of 15 never smokers with adenocarcinomas and in 4 of 81 NSCLCs resected from former or current smokers. All abbreviations as per Table 1.