Table 1. V and J gene usage in gp120-reactive antibodies
H chain
L chain
Antibody V gene J gene V gene J gene V and J mutations*
   48d VH1–24 JH3 L19 JK4 23
   411g VH1–24 JH4 L2 JK1 17
   16c VH1–24 JH4 O2/O12 JK4 17
   17b VH1–69 JH1 L2 JK2 27
   23e VH1–69 JH6 V2–14 JL3 17
   47e VH1–69 JH6 O2/O12 JK2 11
   412d VH1–69 JH2 L12 JK2 18
   m16 VH1–69 JH6 L5 JK4 26
   Sb1 VH1–69 JH6 A27 JK4 27
   C12 VH1–69 JH4 A27 JK1 20
   X5 VH1–69 JH4 A27 JK2 23
   E51 VH1–69 JH6 V1–19 J3/JL2 28
   b12 VH1–3 JH6 A27 JK2 45
   15e VH4–39 JH6 O2 JK3 26
   21h VH3–11 JH5 V2–14 JL2 20
   GP13 VH5–51§ JH6 B3 JK2 20
   GP44 VH1–46 JH4 V1–2 JL2 22
   GP68 VH1–69 JH4 L12 JK3 27
   F105 VH4–59 JH4 A27a JK2 13
   F91 VH3–21 JH4 V3–3 JL3 33
V3 loop
   MN215 VH3–21 JH4 V1–22 JL2 13
D0142–10 VH1–24 JH4 B3 JK3 33
   ITH5–2 VH3–11 JH4 L15 JK5 24
   447–52D VH3–15 JH6 V1–19 JL3 14
   2G12 VH3–21 JH3 L12 JK2 51
  • Nucleotide and protein sequences were submitted to ImMunoGeneTics (imgt) and igblast for analysis (24). Nomenclature from igblast is used throughout this table.

  • * Because somatic mutations are difficult to discern in regions of V-D-J recombination, especially of N-addition and P-addition, and because of variable CDR H3 length, we list only mutations for V and J regions

  • imgt aligned these sequences most closely with VH1-f, which has not been located in the genome

  • These genomic sequences were equally homologous

  • § imgt aligned this sequence most closely with HV5-a, which has not been located in the genome