Table 2. Examples of miRs located in minimal deleted regions, minimal amplified regions, and breakpoint regions involved in human cancers
Chromosome Location (defining markers) Size, Mb miR Hystotype Known OG/TS
3p21.1-21.2-D ARP-DRR1 7 let-7g/miR-135−1 Lung, breast cancer
3p21.3(AP20)-D GOLGA4-VILL 0.75 miR-26a Epithelial cancer
3p23-21.31(MDR2)-D D3S1768-D3S1767 12.32 miR-26a; miR-138−1 Nasopharyngeal cancer
5q32-D ADRB2-ATX1 2.92 miR-145/miR-143 Myelodysplastic syndrome
9q22.3-D D9S280-D9S1809 1.46 miR-24−1/mir-27b/miR-23b; let-7a-1/let-7f-1/let-7d Urothelial cancer PTC, FANCC
9q33-D D9S1826-D9S158 0.4 miR-123 NSCLC
11q23-q24-D D11S927-D11S1347 1.994 miR-34a-1/miR-34a-2 Breast, lung cancer PPP2R1B
11q23-q24-D D11S1345-D11S1328 1.725 miR-125b-1/let-7a-2/miR-100 Breast, lung, ovary, cervix cancer
13q14.3-D D13S272-D13S25 0.54 miR-15a/miR-16a B-CLL
13q32-33-A stSG15303-stSG31624 7.15 miR-17/miR-18/miR-19a/miR-20/miR-19b-1/miR-92−1 Follicular lymphoma
17p13.3-D D17S1866-D17S1574 1.899 miR-22; miR-132; miR-212 HCC
17p13.3-D ENO3-TP53 2.275 miR-195 Lung cancer TP53
17q22-t(8; 17) miR-142s/c-MYC miR-142s; miR-142as Prolymphocytic leukemia c-MYC
17q23-A CLTC-PPM1D 0.97 miR-21 Neuroblastoma
20q13-A FLJ33887-ZNF217 0.55 miR-297−3 Colon cancer
21q11.1-D D21S1911-ANA 2.84 miR-99a/let-7c/miR-125b Lung cancer
  • D, deleted region; A, amplified region; NSCLC, non-small-cell lung cancer; HCC, hepatocellular carcinoma; PTC, patched homolog (Drosophila); FANCC, Fanconi anemia, complementation group C; PPP2R1B, protein phosphatase 2, regulatory subunit A (PR 65), β isoform, miRs in a cluster are separated by a slash. For references, see Table 6.