Table 2. GDF7-derived neural crest cells are resistant to induction of A neurogenesis by BMP2
Cells Crest cell expression, %
Phox2b+ neurons 28 ± 10
X-gal+ cells 10 ± 2
Predicted Phox2b+ X-gal+ neurons* 2.9
Actual Phox2b+ X-gal+ neurons 1.6 ± 0.5
  • The percentage of Phox2b+, X-gal+, or Phox2b+ X-gal+ double-positive cells was first measured in each neural tube explant as (no. marker cells/total DAPI cells) × 100%. The mean of this percentage was then calculated for all explants (n = 5). Five to seven fields (×40) in the Phox2b rich area of the explants were randomly selected per explant. BMP2 was used at 50 ng/ml, and cells were cultured for 5 days.

  • * The predicted percentage of Phox2b+ X-gal+ neurons is calculated as the product of the numbers in the first two rows.

  • The mean percentage of the actual contribution to A neurons is significantly different from the predicted contribution (assuming there is no bias, P = 0.03 from five explants).