Table 1. Results of between-groups multiple ANOVA test for significant difference in geochemical composition between bone assemblages from different layers
Stratigraphic unit 6A 6B 6/7 7 9
6A La/Sm; Dy/Yb Dy/Yb; La/Sm La/Sm; Ce/Ce * La/Sm; La/Yb
6B <0.001 La/Sm; U/Th La/Yb; Ce/Ce * La/Sm; U/Th
6/7 0.001 0.02 La/Yb; La/Sm La/Sm; La/Yb
7 <0.001 <0.001 0.004 La/Sm; La/Yb
9 <0.001 <0.001 <0.001 0.01
  • Dependent variables that are used here are log-normalized values of La/Sm, La/Yb, Dy/Yb, Ce/Ce *, and U/Th. The probability (Hotelling-Lawley) that each pair of assemblages was derived from a single population is shown in the lower half of the matrix, and the principle discriminating variables (variables giving highest f values) are given in the upper half. Note that there is a <0.1% probability that bone assemblages recovered from SU6B and SU6A (including megafaunal remains in association with archeology) are secondary deposits derived from underlying assemblages.