Table 1. Select genes expressed at higher levels in a ΔwspF mutant
PA number Gene name Fold change* Protein description
PA0169 2.9 GGDEF
PA0170 2.5 Hypothetical protein
PA0171 2.6 Hypothetical protein
PA0172 2.9 Hypothetical protein
PA0610 prtN 2.3 Pyocin regulator
PA0612-0648 3.7-22.2 R and F-type pyocins
PA0985 7.3 Pyocin S5
PA1150 pys2 5.0 Pyocin S2
PA1431 rsaL 2.6 Regulatory protein
PA1432 lasl 2.2 Quorum sensing
PA2231-2242 pslA-L 1.8-2.7§ EPS production
PA2440 4.3 Hypothetical protein
PA2441 12.8§ Hypothetical protein
PA3058-3064 pelA-G 2.6-13.3§ EPS production
PA3866 5.1 Pyocin
PA4624 6.7 Hypothetical protein
PA4625 9.3§ Putative adhesin
  • * Fold change between wspF and PAO1 was determined by using the web-based program cyber-t. P value for all expression differences reported was <0.001.

  • Protein function taken from the Pseudomonas genome web site

  • These genes were reannotated based on published work (50).

  • § Expression changes confirmed by using quantitative RT-PCR.

  • This gene was reannotated based on analysis with the web-based program interproscan,