Table 2. Database search for SC35M mutations in natural strains
Viral gene Amino acid position Total no. sequences No. same as SC35 No. same as SC35M No. different
PB2 701 694 664 (Asp) 30 (Asn)
714 694 674 (Ser) 16 (Ile), 4 (Gly)
PA 615 650 600 (Lys) 1 (Asn) 49 (Arg)
NP 319 1,101 1,082 (Asn) 19 (Lys)
  • Comparison of amino acids in sequences of natural strains at positions corresponding to SC35M mutations. Shown are the number of all sequences in the database, the number of sequences with the same amino acid as SC35 and SC35M, and the number of sequences with a different amino acid at the same position (with the amino acids shown in parentheses). –, not applicable.