Table 2. Emotion effect on recollection in the MTL (t scores)
MTL regions Emo rRS-kRS Neu rRS-kRS (Emo rRS-kRS) > (Neu rRS-kRS)
AMY 5.29 (R)/2.11 (L) 4.98 (R) 3.29 (R)
HC (head) 8.83 (R)/3.21 (L) 4.36 (R)/3.41 (L) 5.70 (R)
HC (body) 7.58 (R) 2.62 (R)/4.13 (L) 2.26 (L)
HC (tail) 3.95 (R)/3.94 (L) - 2.61 (R)/2.04 (L)*
APHG (EC) 3.98 (R) - -
APHG (PC) 2.64 (L) - -
PPHG 5.52 (R)/6.01 (L) 3.59 (R) *
  • t statistics were performed on the signal extracted from the peak voxels identified in each MTL subregion and contrast of interest (t = 1.94, P < 0.05) Emo, emotional; Neu, neutral; (RS, Hits - Misses); rRS, recollection-based RS; kRS, familiarity-based RS; R, right hemisphere; L, left hemisphere; PHG, parahippocampal gyrus; APHG, anterior PHG; PPHG, posterior PHG; PC, perirhinal cortex.

  • * For the (Emo rRS-kRS) > (Neu rRS-kRS) contrast, because the peak voxel fell on the border between the HC tail and the posterior parahippocampal gyrus, these two regions were considered together