Table 1. Constituent order in ABSL and surrounding languages
Language Sentential constituents N-modifier order Negation N-numeral order
Spoken Arabic dialect S-V-O N-modifier Negation-head (split negation) Numeral-N
Classical Arabic V-S-O N-modifier Negation-head Numeral-N
Hebrew S-V-O or V initial N-modifier Negation-head Numeral-N
ISL S-V-O, O-S-V, or S-O-V* N-modifier Negation-head or head-negation N-numeral or numeral-N
ABSL S-O-V N-modifier Head-negation N-numeral
  • Major constituent order in ABSL differs from that of any surrounding language. Within constituents, head-modifier order in ABSL is consistently head-initial, whereas the order varies in the surrounding languages, depending on the modifier.

  • * S-O-V word order in ISL is quite rare