Table 2.

Analysis of resequenced genes

GeneP valuedn/dsBase pairs sequenced
fepE (UTI89_C0589)3.94E-0286.96375
ompC (UTI89_C2497)1.29E-07999.00756
amiA (UTI89_C2768)5.48E-037.95279
adk (UTI89_C0502)1.00E+00NA501
mdh (UTI89_C3667)1.00E+00NA435
icd (UTI89_C1266)4.46E-01NA666
  • P value and d n/d s values from the analysis of resequenced clinical strains are shown. Number of base pairs sequenced and analyzed is shown in the last column. A d n/d s value of N/A means that no evidence for positive selection was found.