Table 2.

Changes in expression levels of the six annotated PROPEP gene family members in response to elicitors and pathogens

TreatmentsAverage fold change in gene expression
     B. cinerea (48 h)1.227.912.
     P. infestans (6 h)
     P. syringae (2 h)
    NPP1 (2 μM, 1 h)1.426.924.
    HrpZ (1 μM, 1 h)1.640.828.
    Flg22 (1 μM, 1 h)1.521.814.
  • Data were obtained from microarray analyses that were obtained from the Botany Array Resource NASCArray data set. Experiment reference numbers: NASCARRAY-167, NASCARRAY-123, NASCARRAY-120, and NASCARRAY-122 (30, 31).