Table 1.

Effect of Her2 overexpression and PD168393 treatment on protein phosphorylation: A list of selected proteins

Protein nameFold change with Her2Fold inhibition with 100 nM PD168393
Increased phosphorylation
Known Her2 signaling proteins
    PI3K p85-β2.20.8
    PI3K p85-α1.91.1
    PI3K p110-β1.71.0
Known EGFR signaling proteins
Previously unidentified Her2 signaling or effector proteins
    SKAP55 homologue8.02.1
    Fyn-binding protein (Fyb)5.31.1
    Semaphorin 7A5.80.7
    Transmembrane protein 334.01.6
    17-β hydroxysteroid     dehydrogenase 123.81.9
    AxI receptor tyrosine kinase2.81.4
    RIKEN cDNA 2310079N022.62.2
    Calcineurin B homologous     protein 11.81.4
    Poly(A)-binding protein     cytoplasmic 1 (PABPC1)1.60.9
No significant change
Decreased phosphorylation
    Flotillin 10.60.8
    p130-Cas (BCAR1)0.50.8
    Caveolin 10.50.9
    FAK (PTK2)0.51.1
    Growth arrest specific 10.41.0