Table 1.

General features of the O. tauri genome

FeatureO. tauriT. pseudonanaC. merolaeArabidopsis thalianaAshbya gossypiiS. cerevisiaeS. pombeCryptosporidium parvum
Size, Mbp12.5634.5016.52140.129.2012.0712.469.10
No. of chromosomes202420571638
G+C content, %58.0 (59.0*)
Gene number8,16611,2425,33126,2074,7186,5634,8243,807
Gene density, kb per gene1.
Mean gene size, bp per gene 1,2579921,5522,232N.A.N.A.1,4261,795
Mean inter-ORF distance197N.A.1,5432,213341N.A.952566
Genes with introns, %39N.A.0.57955435
Mean length of introns, bp103 (187*)N.A.248164N.A.N.A.81N.A.
Coding sequences, %81.6N.A.44.933.079.5N.A.57.575.3
No. of ribosomal RNA units4N.A.3700–80050100–150200–4005
  • Data for the yeast S. cerevisiae compiled from refs. 24, 26, 47–49 and from Saccharomyces Genome Database at; N.A., not available.

  • *Data that exclude chromosomes 2 and 19.

  • Data that exclude introns.