Table 1.

Summary of gene knockdowns that cause constitutive gpdh-1 expression

Process (no. of genes)Molecular function (no. of genes)Gene exampleDescriptionHuman homolog
Protein homeostasis (54)
    Protein synthesis (38)Translation initiation (10)B0511.10/eif-3.E Translation initiation factor 3, subunit eEIF3S6
tRNA synthetase (10)F22D6.3/nrs-1 Asparaginyl-tRNA synthetaseNARS
RNA processing (18)W08E3.1/snr-2 U1 snRNP componentSNRPN
    Protein folding (7)Chaperonins (4)K01C8.10/cct-4 Chaperonin complex, δ-subunitCCT4
Hsp70 (1)F26D10.3/hsp-1 Molecular chaperones HSP70 superfamilyHSPA8
    Protein degradation (9)26S proteasome (4)C23G10.4/rpn-2 26S proteasome-regulatory complexPSMD1
Extracellular matrix (5)Collagen (4)T14B4.7/dpy-10 Collagens (types IV and XIII)Collagen α IV
Signaling (15)Scaffolding (2)ZK849.2PDZ domainGOPC
Transduction (6)F38H4.9/let-92 Ser/thr protein phosphatase 2A, catalytic subunitPPP2CB
Metabolism (9)Trehalose synthesis (1)H13N06.3/gob-1 Trehalose 6-phosphate synthaseNone
Protein trafficking (6)Nuclear import (1)R06A4.4/imb-2 Nuclear transport receptorTNPO2
Transcriptional regulation (9)CCR4/NOT complex (2)F57B9.2/ntl-1 Negative regulator of transcriptionCNOT1
Unassigned function (24)Secreted protein (10)C32E12.3/osr-1 Osmotic stress-resistance proteinNone
Unknown function (14)B0035.11Uncharacterized conserved proteinLEO1