Table 3.

Summary of respiratory droplet transmissibility of avian–human reassortant influenza viruses in ferrets

Reassortant virusNo. of contact ferrets
Respiratory droplet transmission
Weight loss (%)*SneezingVirus detected in nasal washSero-conversion (HI titer)
rgVic:486HANA1/3 (0.8)0/30/30/3None
rg486:VicHANA1/3 (0.4)0/30/31/3 (40)Inefficient
rg486:VicRNP3/3 (2.3)0/30/30/3None
  • *The percentage mean maximum weight loss is shown.

  • HI assays were done by using Vic75 or HK486 and RBCs from turkey or horse, respectively.