Table 1.

C. symbiosum genome features

    Size, bp2,045,086
    Average G + C content, %57.74
    Predicted ORFs2,066
    ORF density, gene/kb0.986
    Average ORF length (bp)924
    Coding percentage, %91.2
ORF content
    Predicted functional1,067
    Predicted functional in COGs1,024
    Conserved hypothetical88
    RNA genes
    16S-23S rRNA operon1
    5S rRNA1
Expanded gene families
    Number of families79
    Number of genes in families263
    Coding percentage, %26.78
  • *See Materials and Methods for fosmid assembly parameters.

  • Based on following cutoffs: expection ≥ 1e −20, bitscore ≥ 100, identity ≥ 40%, and overlap ≥ 100 aa.