Table 1. TnAraOut V. cholerae mutants with Dictyostelium-attenuated phenotype
Strain Gene VC number Distance from ATG (gene length) Homology blastp* (bits/E value) Function ascribed to homologue
SP17 vasA VCA0110 +510 (1,770) RL impG 242/3e-62 Impaired Rhizobium plant infection
SP65 vasA VCA0110 +704 (1,770) RL impG 242/3e-62 See above
SP44 vasH VCA0117 +96 (1,593) EC rtcR 133/1e-31 Sigma-54 dependent activator in E. coli
SP95 vasK VCA0120 +1477 (3,546) LP icmF 154/6e-38 Type IV protein secretion in L. pneumophila
SP7 vgrG-2 VCA0018 +985 (2,085) EC vgrG 417/8e-117 Homologous to VgrG-1 that catalyzes action-crosslinking in eukaryotic cells
SP83 vgrG-2 VCA0018 +704 (2,085) EC vgrG 417/8e-117 See above
SP109 rpoN VC2529 +338 (1,464) VC rpoN 862/0.0 Alternative σ54 subunit of RNA polymerase
  • RL, R. Ieguminosarum; EC, E. coli; LP, L. pneumophila; VC, V. cholerae.

  • * Position-specific iterated and pattern-hit initiated blast (psi- and phi-blast) statistics. Bits, normalized raw alignment score; E value, expectation value.