Table 1.

Talairach coordinates and z value for the peak location in different regions of interest for the two grammar types

Brain regionBAStereotactic coordinates
    L FOP−361604.15 **
    R superior temporal S21/2252−4224.41 **
    L FOP−3620−24.27 **
    L inferior frontal G44−461683.86 *
    R superior temporal S21/22524084.24 **
    L middle temporal G21−46−30−43.95 *
  • FSG (Finite-State Grammar), PSG (Phrase-Structure Grammar), and ROI (regions of interest) corresponds to a particular identified anatomical cluster (P value was corrected at cluster level) for the statistically significant differences of the corresponding activated regions. BA, approximate Brodmann’s Area; L, left hemisphere; R, right hemisphere; G, gyrus; S, sulcus. For insular activation, see text.

  • ∗, Pcorr = 0.01;

  • ∗∗, Pcorr = 0.001.