Table 1.

Gene Ontology terms that were down-regulated (P < 1 × 10−11) in KO BAT at 21°C compared with WT BAT

GO termsNo. of features
Generation of precursor metabolites and energy20
Inner membrane15
Oxidoreductase activity18
Monovalent inorganic cation transporter activity11
Primary active transporter activity7
Sodium ion transporter activity7
NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) activity7
Membrane-bound organelle49
Intracellular membrane-bound organelle49
Mitochondrial membrane16
Oxidoreductase activity on NADH or NADPH7
Mitochondrial inner membrane15
Electron transport15
  • No Gene Ontology (GO) terms were significantly up-regulated (P < 1 × 10−10). A similar result was obtained with BAT RNA isolated from mice after 5 h of acute cold exposure (data not shown).