Table 1.

Stress-related proteins associated with the oriC3 locus

Gene IDKnown or predicted motif/function
SAC1385 SSO0921 ST1204 Partial homology to HSP60
SAC1386 SSO0922 ST1203 Hsp20
SAC1388 SSO0925 ST1201 FeS assembly ATPase SufC
SAC1389 SSO0927 ST1200 FeS assembly protein SufB
SAC1390 SSO0928 ST1199 FeS assembly protein SufD
SAC1399 SSO0859 ST1256 Homology to bacterial universal stress protein (USP)
SAC1401 SSO0862 ST1253 Thermosome α subunit
SAC1403 SSO0865 ST1251 CxxC thioredoxin motifs
SAC1404 SSO0866 ST1250 Homology to HSP70 C terminus
SAC1407 SSO0870 ST1246 Homology to heat-inducible transcription repressor (hrcA)