Table 3.

Parameter estimates for the hygric model

M 0.7950.117<0.0136.74
V̇CO2 −0.7140.130<0.0125.42
T m −0.0120.006<0.051.60
T a 0.0660.029<0.05<0.001
P 0.7120.368>0.05<0.001
T a P −0.0350.018>0.052.01
  • Factors are log mass (M, mg), log rate of CO2 production (V̇CO2, ml·h−1), measurement temperature (T m, °C), ambient (habitat) temperature (T a, °C), log precipitation (P, mm·yr−1), and ambient oxygen (O2). T a P is the interaction between ambient temperature and log precipitation, and ΔAIC is the change in model AIC (64) when the parameter is removed from the model.