Table 2.

Percentage of embryos with an anterior tsl mutant phenotype upon expression of UAStsldsRNA in the BCs and/or the CCs

GenotypeExpression pattern of the Gal4 linesEmbryos with anterior tsl mutant phenotype, %n
slboGal4/+; UAStsldsRNA/+BCs, CCs, PFCs10085
55B/UAStsldsRNACCs* 0101
c306/+; UAStsldsRNA/+BCs, PFCs 048
c306/+; 55B/UAStsldsRNABCs, CCs,* PFCs 6187
  • The anterior tslphenotype was scored by absence of the dorsal bridge; in some cases, expression of UAStsldsRNA with slboGAL4 generated embryos with defects in head involution that could not be scored for the formation of the dorsal bridge. Embryos scored are those with normal head involution. n, Number of embryos.

  • *Broad region around CC from stage 10B, including some stretched cells (see Methods and ref. 31).

  • Early expression in the germarium and the stalk cell and expression in some stretched cells (refs. 14, 29, and 39). Expression of UAStsldsRNA was done at 29°C, except with slboGal4, which was done at 25°C.