Table 3.

Mean (standard deviation) of sizes and contributions to autism of various risk classes

Model typeaLaIaHaLxL/RaIxI/RaHxH/RaHxH>aIxIaHxH>aBIxBI
3-component0.9325 (0.0975)0.0032 (0.0063)0.0071 (0.0019)0.474 (0.183)0.051 (0.092)0.303 (0.051)0.9210.653
150-component0.9735 (0.004)0.0089 (0.002)0.0064 (0.0006)0.513 (0.02)0.172 (0.03)0.260 (0.02)0.9490.731
  • Columns a L, a I, and a H are the mean (standard deviation) of sizes of low-, intermediate-, and high-risk classes, respectively. Columns a L x L/R, a I x I/R, and a H x H/R are the mean (standard deviation) of contributions for each class. Columns a H x H/R, a H x H>a I x I, and a H x H>a BI x BI show the proportionate number of times that contribution from the high-risk range exceeds the contribution from the intermediate-risk and the broadly defined intermediate-risk ranges, respectively.