Table 1.

Digital RNA SNP analysis in placental tissues of euploid and T21 pregnancies

SampleGenotypeNo. of wells positive for individual alleles
mrSPRT result
A onlyG onlyAGAll negativePrUnclassifiable regionClassification
Placental DNA
Placental RNA
  • The no. of wells for all samples was 384. Genotypes were determined by mass spectrometric assay. The m r value indicates the average no. of reference molecules per reaction well. The P r values were calculated by using the following equation: no. of wells positive for the overrepresented allele/(no. of wells positive for A only + no. of wells positive for G only). The unclassifiable region for the corresponding m r is shown. “Euploid” was assigned when the P r was below the unclassifiable region; “T21” was assigned when the P r was above the unclassifiable region.