Table 2.

Olfactory preference of larval reef fish for water from home versus foreign reefs

SpeciesHome reef preference ± SE, %nP
O. doederleini7.0 ± 2.3660.023
O. doederleini OTI12.4 ± 5.7220.05
Apogon sp. 117.1 ± 3.7550.000
Apogonid sp. 2–99.0 ± 2.61140.000
P. coelestis8.5 ± 3.3660.002
Pomacentrus sp. 1–415.3 ± 6.2210.016
A. polyacanthus−16.7 ± 7.360.094
  • Preference is expressed as mean difference in time spent in home versus foreign water during odor-choice test in a two-channel flume. Positive values indicate preference for home reef odor, and negative values indicate preference for foreign reef odor. Animals were caught at two different home reefs (OTI and F) and tested against water from four other reefs. O. doederleini OTI refers to the larvae that were later genetically assigned to the OTI adult population. Unidentified Apogon sp. 1 was common in our catches and could be analyzed separately.