Table 1.

Space flight stimulon genes belonging to Hfq regulon or involved with iron utilization or biofilm formation

GeneFold changeFunction
Hfq regulon genes (up-regulated)
Outer membrane proteins
    ompA2.05Outer membrane porin
    ompC2.44Outer membrane porin
    ompD3.34Outer membrane porin
Plasmid transfer apparatus
    traB4.71Conjugative transfer
    traN4.24Conjugative transfer
    trbA3.14Conjugative transfer
    traK2.91Conjugative transfer
    traD2.87Conjugative transfer
    trbC2.68Conjugative transfer
    traH2.59Conjugative transfer
    traX2.37Conjugative transfer
    traT2.34Conjugative transfer
    trbB2.32Conjugative transfer
    traG2.21Conjugative transfer
    traF2.11Conjugative transfer
    traR1.79Conjugative transfer
Various cellular functions
    gapA7.67Glyceraldehyde dehydrogenase
    sipC6.27Cell invasion protein
    adhE4.75Fe-dependent dehydrogenase
    fliC2.11Flagellin, structural protein
    sbmA1.67ABC superfamily transporter
Hfq regulon genes (down-regulated)
Small RNAs
    αRBS0.305Small RNA
    rnaseP0.306Small RNA regulatory
    csrB0.318Small RNA regulatory
    tke10.427Small RNA
    oxyS0.432Small RNA regulatory
    RFN0.458Small RNA
    rne50.499Small RNA
Ribosomal proteins
    rpsL0.25130S ribosomal subunit protein S12
    rpsS0.28930S ribosomal subunit protein S19
    rplD0.39350S ribosomal subunit protein L4
    rpsF0.40130S ribosomal subunit protein S6
    rplP0.42250S ribosomal subunit protein L16
    rplA0.42350S ribosomal subunit protein L1
    rpme20.47350S ribosomal protein L31
    rplY0.55150S ribosomal subunit protein L25
Various cellular functions
    ynaF0.201Putative universal stress protein
    ygfE0.248Putative cytoplasmic protein
    dps0.273Stress response protein
    hfq0.298Host factor for phage replication
    osmY0.318Hyperosmotically inducible protein
    mysB0.341Suppresses protein export mutants
    rpoE0.403σE (σ24) factor
    cspD0.421Similar to CspA; not cold-induced
    ygaC0.451Putative cytoplasmic protein
    ygaM0.453Putative inner membrane protein
    gltI0.479ABC glutamate/aspartate transporter
    ppiB0.482Peptidyl-prolyl isomerase B
    atpE0.482Membrane-bound ATP synthase
    yfiA0.482Ribosome-associated factor
    trxA0.493Thioredoxin 1, redox factor
    nifU0.496Fe-S cluster formation protein
    rbfA0.506Ribosome-binding factor
    rseB0.514Anti-σE factor
    yiaG0.528Putative transcriptional regulator
    ompX0.547Outer membrane protein
    rnpA0.554RNase P, protein component
    hns0.554DNA-binding protein
    lamB0.566Phage λ receptor protein
    rmf0.566Ribosome modulation factor
    tpx0.566Thiol peroxidase
    priB0.571Primosomal replication protein N
Iron utilization/storage genes
adhE4.76Fe-dependent dehydrogenase
entE2.242,3-dihydroxybenzoate-AMP ligase
hydN2.03Electron transport (FeS center)
dmsC0.497Anaerobic DMSO reductase
nifU0.495Fe-S cluster formation protein
fnr0.494Transcriptional regulator, Fe-binding
fdnH0.458Fe-S formate dehydrogenase-N
frdC0.411Fumarate reductase, anaerobic
bfr0.404Bacterioferrin, iron storage
ompW0.276Outer membrane protein W
dps0.273Stress response protein and ferritin
Genes implicated in/associated with biofilm formation
wza2.30Polysaccharide export protein
wcaI2.07Putative glycosyl transferase
ompA2.06Outer membrane protein
wcaD1.82Putative colanic acid polymerase
wcaH1.76GDP-mannose mannosyl hydrolase
manC1.71Mannose guanylyltransferase
wcaG1.68Bifunctional GDP fucose synthetase
wcaB1.64Putative acyl transferase
fimH1.61Fimbrial subunit
fliS0.339Flagellar biosynthesis
flgM0.343Flagellar biosynthesis
flhD0.356Flagellar biosynthesis
fliE0.438Flagellar biosynthesis
fliT0.444Flagellar biosynthesis
cheY0.461Chemotaxic response
cheZ0.535Chemotaxic response
  • For specific parameters used to identify these genes, please see Materials and Methods.