Table 1.

Select list of differentially expressed proteins as identified through protein microarray analysis of serum autoantibodies

Accession no.ProteinGO processFunction
NM_005572 Lamin ANuclear membrane organizationPart of nuclear lamina
NM_003146 SSRP1Regulation of transcriptionInvolved in response to drug therapy
NM_006788 RALBP1TransportMay contribute to multidrug resistance
NM_006147 IRF6Regulation of transcriptionTranscription factor
BC032852 MAGEB4UnknownCancer marker
NM_004645 COILUnknownFound in nuclear coiled bodies
NM_014062 NOB1PUnknownRelated to adenocarcinoma antigen
NM_054016 FUSIP1RNA splicingRepressor of mRNA splicing
BC032851 CBLBSignal transductionHomolog to the oncogene v-cbl
NM_133480 TADA3LRegulation of cell cycleCoactivator for p53 transcription
  • GO, Gene Ontology.