Table 1.

Genomic loci with significant copy number changes in 12 EGFR mutant tumor samples from patients with acquired resistance compared with 38 EGFR mutant tumor samples from untreated patients

CytobandMCRCNAAbove threshold, no.RefSeq genes, no.Target gene
7p11–1253.8–55.5>834 EGFR
7q31.2114.8–116.4>1226 MET
  • Data were obtained from aCGH chips as described in the Materials and Methods. Loci were listed if they displayed a log2 ratio >1, corresponding to a copy number >4 (P = 0.05, Fisher's exact test). MCR, minimal common region (Mb); CNA, maximum copy number alteration; RefSeq, reference sequence according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information.